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New Feature
March 19, 2024

Semantic Search

We’ve made our search drastically more nimble, so you can spend your time practicing law, not searching laboriously.

  • Semantic Search
    Ability to find semantically related text, such as injury → broken leg.
  • Document OCR
    Upload your (scanned) exhibit documents and make them instantly searchable.
  • Image Search
    Type in descriptive words and watch as our search renders images from your exhibits.
  • Search filters
    Use filters to narrow down to a particular case, speaker, exhibit, or transcript.
New Feature
March 4, 2024

Exhibits Management

Parrot's new Exhibits Management Zoom app introduces the ability to upload exhibits during the proceeding and delineate between exhibits you’re ready to present and those you want to keep private.

  • Uploading
    Quickly upload exhibits directly from your device to have them privately stored and ready to share when you're ready.
  • Previewing
    Privately review your exhibits, ensuring that the relevant information is
presented at the right time.
  • Marking
    Easily apply stamps with
appropriate naming, ensuring all exhibits
are marked exactly as desired.
  • Presenting
    Effortlessly present exhibits
to all participants, ensuring everyone has
access to the same documents.
New Feature
September 18, 2023

Case Archiving

Case archiving helps you tidy up your Parrot app homescreen by closing completed cases.

  • Close Cases
    You can close cases where all proceedings and transcripts are complete. Closed cases will be moved to the new "Closed" tab of the homepage, enabling you to see only active cases. Closed cases can also be re-opened.
  • Search
    Closed cases remain searchable in the global search for easy discoverability.
New Feature
April 4, 2023

Note-taking & Highlights

Note-taking and highlights help eliminate the need to revisit the entire transcript by noting down highlighted moments & key testimonies.

  • Note down the key moments
    Click on your notes in the sidebar to see them in the transcript.
  • Enhance your team's collaboration
    Let your colleagues leave notes in your transcripts and share the knowledge.
  • Play audio of a highlighted testimony
    Click on a highlight and listen directly to the witness' voice, or watch their expression in the deposition video recording.
New Feature
March 22, 2023

Cut & Share Video Clips

Video clips help you easily share important testimony with your colleague or a judge.

  • Video Clips with one click.

    Just select text in your transcript and hit the button.
  • Include closed captions.

    You decide whether to include subtitles in the video or not.
  • Share a link with a colleague.
    Does your colleague have access to Parrot? Just share the clip's URL with them!
  • Download as a video file.
    Use the downloaded file in your trial presentation, or send it in an email to opposing counsel or the state attorney.
New Feature
January 1, 2023

Auto Summary

Auto Summaries make digesting transcripts easier and faster, allowing attorneys to reallocate their time to other important work, having a positive overall effect on the case outcomes.

  • Find relevant information in your transcripts 80% faster.
    Instead of time-consumingly reading through the whole transcript, scroll through its summary in the sidebar to find the relevant deposition part. Click on the summary card to view the original transcript text.
  • Never start from scratch when creating a deposition summary.
    Reviewing deposition transcripts page-by-page can be tedious and time-consuming. Utilize Auto Summaries as your initial draft - as you read through the transcript, edit the linked summary directly in the app.
  • Easily recall memories when revisiting old transcripts.
    Is the trial getting closer, but the deposition took place months ago? No worries! Quickly review the Parrot's Auto Summary to easily recall all the details.

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