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Parrot is the all-in-one platform for depositions that delivers measurable time and cost savings.

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Parrot gives your company a reliable platform you can count on—and the confidence that depositions will always go smoothly.

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Why make your attorneys wait 10 days for a transcript? With Parrot, attorneys can start their work instantly with searchable transcripts synced to audio/video—immediately after the deposition takes place.

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All your depositions. All in one place.

Parrot centralizes all your depositions, so your team can work smarter and faster, together.

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It’s like going from a Nokia to an iPhone for court reporting.

Aaron Warner

Attorney, Warner & Fitzmartin

We switched to Parrot after years with a more traditional court reporting service and we are never going back! We love that Parrot utilizes video recordings and allows us to access informal transcripts immediately after a depo.

Nicole Houman

Founding Attorney, The Property People

Getting the Rough Draft quickly after the depo and being able to search and playback the video and transcript instantly is a game changer.

Jacqueline Halpern

Attorney, Halpern, Santos & Pinkert

Their platform not only saves us money on transcripts, but having everything stored and searchable in one place helps our attorneys work faster as a team and get more out of our depos.

Adam Rossen

Managing Partner, Rossen Law Firm

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